R&D Activities of Steve Ray

Advanced Technologies for Interoperability

Semantic web technologies offer great promise for rigor and precision in specifying information, and in this way interoperability problems are greatly reduced. Support is offered for the introduction of semantics and ontologies in international interoperability standards, and identification of the right ones for particular needs. As conditions allow, sample ontologies will be made available for public consumption here.

Units of Measure

Working as part of the team at qudt.org, a non-profit dedicated to providing a Linked Data model for all units of measure and associated properties.

Manufacturing Interoperability

27 years of experience at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, providing expertise in how interoperability works, and how national and international standards play a role. Services offered include:

    • Unbiased, objective guidance on integrating your enterprise or your supply chain, and how to test your integration

    • Determination of what types of standards, tools, and methods you need to deal with your existing systems

SmartGrid Interoperability

The introduction of Smart Grid technology into our electricity infrastructure is poised for incredible growth. Much of that growth surrounds the challenge of information exchange and interoperability among utilities, distribution, transmission, residences, industry, and commercial customers. The information includes demand-response transactions, buying back of electricity from local generators (such as wind turbines or photovoltaic panels), and facility control signals. There is much experience to be shared among different commercial and industrial sectors in terms of effective standards and information sharing protocols. Expertise is offered in the development and validation of new standards to support the Smart Grid.

Healthcare Interoperability

Healthcare is another area where enormous cost savings are possible by adapting existing best practices from other sectors.


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